9 07 2010

I may be creating a web site to give out cheats to some games not all the game like i said i might not be creating this website if yyou think i should post a comment…


Ravens Win/Loose

20 10 2009

       The Ravens lost to the Vikins 33 to 31 i say the Ravens should get rid of there field goal kicker.  The Ravens play Denver after there BYE week Denver is 6 and 0.Leave a comment of what you think the Ravens should do there field goal kicker should they keep him or get rid of him.just remember that he cost the Ravens the game.During the preseason the Ravens went did not loose a game but now they have a 3 game losing streak.the game when the Ravens play the Broncos is at 1 pm the Ravens are home. Pepole say that we do not have a chance but i say we are going to give the Broncos their FRIST LOSS!!!!!!!!!! ARE defense neds to hold the Broncos offense and no t let them run all over us and are offense neds to run the football and not pass the football as much. And they need to just hold them and if the Ravens are wining by 3 points and Denver is going for a field goal they need to ice the kicker.That means when the kicker is geting reded to kick call a time out.The ravens need to get a win i do not care if it is 37 to 38 i just want a win i hop Ray Lewis can get the Raven pumped up.just dont get so many penalties and play clean but still stay aggressive.And when we are geting the ball on kickoffs we ned to block and run down the field and force fumbles and get the ball back.And put more points on the board and make sure that Dever doesnt get a lot of touchdowns or fieldgoals. A few weeks ago one of the Ravens died his pos was safty he died at one of his friends house he was vomiting.About the Ravens just needing to hold Denver the just cant let them make all the passes and get a ton of yards and they just got to get ready for there game and they had all week to get ready for Denver.I hope it not raining so the Ravens can not drop a lot of passes or drop the ball on a run play…MORE COMING SOON!!!!!!For the game the Ravens are the uder dogs i hope we are going to be smart and like i said we have to play clean. Thae Ravens won the game and made Dever loose a game they wear 6 and 0 now 6 and 1.The Ravens won the game 30 to 7 to me this is the worst game Denver played this year.The next game the Ravens play the Bengals again and it is going to be a good game but a different score.The score was not a good score just look at it 17 to 7 come on Ravens win a game.


20 08 2009

Hey guys I’m just helping advertise for a friend so if you could please go to this website I would appreciate it =D

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~Nachoz Rule =P

New Pin & Igloo Music

31 07 2009

Hey guys, just a quickee announcement here – there is a new pin in the coffee shop,

And new igloo music. The new tracks are in bold. 😀


soo, not much but just like to keep you guys posted. Waddle on,

~Nachoz Rule =P

New Comedy

31 07 2009

Hey guys! Nachoz and I made this around the house its just us doing random stuff but its my first real-life video so please favorite and rate 5 stars!!




21 07 2009

hey guys! This is my first CPMV I made it with Nachoz Rule, please watch its my first video.



Music Jam 09 Cheats!

18 07 2009

So, as you guys know, The Music Jam 2009 is here on Club Penguin….


AND with some free items…


…And while holding it (and nothing else), press ‘D’ to breakdance!


Also there is a new pin in the Boiler Room…


And there is a catalog in the VIP Room in the dock…


And finally, you can meet Penguin Band and Cadence!