Nachoz Gets Rick Rolled – Lol this one is kinda boring, but it was the first one where I “perfected” two penguins talking to each other.


Sabotage, Part 1 – Nachoz gets mad about how Club Penguin’s TV shows, mini games, and stores all stink, so he decides to sabotage it. Funny but bad editing xD


Sabotage, Part 2 – My first epic comedy. Nachoz does a lot more actual sabotaging in this one.


Club Penguin Meets RuneScape Part 6 – This was my take on Angel Spark’s 5 part series, “Club Penguin Meets RuneScape”.


Nachoz Rule is an Undecided Voter – The real highlight of this video is the awesome design of the new room I have in it.


Club Penguin YouTube Poop – Dude! This was awesome! Nachoz saves all of CP! (If by saving you mean blowing up)


A Nachoz Christmas Carol – Dude. This. Is. The. Best. Video. Ever. Truely Awesome.


Santa Comes – Lol, a hilarious last-second video I did for the holidays.


Nachoz Rule’s New Years Partying Tips – My first video in HD. Oh yeah, and did I mention it’s funny?


Barack Obama Randomness – A collection of random yet funny clips, most of them about Obama.


It’s Hot In Topeka – Just a quick little video I threw together because my fans were getting mad I wasn’t uploading anything.



One response

26 08 2009

Hey Nachoz im David 271 and waswoundering if we could meet on club penguin

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