Celeb Pics & Vids








I dare ya to Click play on all of these at once. =P

Nickelback “Rockstar” Parody – Popstar!!

Cheezynacho’s Breaking the Habit CPMV!

Fred Saves The Neighborhood Squirrels!!

Taylor Swift “Teardrops on My Guitar” Parody – “Teardrops on My Old Car”!!

Katy Perry “Hot N Cold” Music Video

Nachoz Rule’s “Things You Don’t Say To Your Wife” CPMV!

Nachoz Rule’s “Whatever You Like” CPMV!

Nachoz Rule’s “A Christmas Carol” Comedy!

Fred Loses His Meds!

Fred Goes Swimming!

Fred Gets Babysat!

Michael Jackson “Thriller”!

12 responses

25 07 2009

lol dosent everyone like pie!

27 07 2009

a little my parents dont really make it

28 07 2009

well 99.9% of the world lvoes pie

28 07 2009
Sir Wubzalot

rip mj

2 08 2009

lol no duh! i love pie! Even my friend loves pie and she can’t have milk or dairy!

2 08 2009

whats song was that at the end of a christmas carol? That guy is cute!

3 08 2009
katie a.k.a icy1700

hey guys do you guys like michael jackson he is awesome to me.nice pics and vids you guys rock can you meet me on cp on alpine august 4, 2009 at the plaza

3 08 2009
katie a.k.a icy1700

i forgot to say what time 4:00 thx bye

4 08 2009

that guy is rick astley. ok dixie?

6 08 2009

Michael Jackso is cute.

17 08 2009

haha i pushed them all at once funny bbut it goes slow

17 08 2009

lol.I liked the Miley one.And if you saw that Rick Astley dude that would be scary……….

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